d20 - an RPG dice roller for macOS

Build complex rolls, get detailed results, and keep up with your recent roll history. d20 is intuitive, elegant, and powerful.

Update Jan 1, 2018: Version 2 of the app is out! See https://d20app.me/ for more. Version 1 is no longer available from the Mac App Store. This page will remain up for now and the free web version of the v1 app will remain available.

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The d20 interface has buttons for d4, d6, d8, d12, and d20. It also has plus and minus one through six, for combining modifiers with your roll.

Build your roll

To use d20, simply click on the die you want to roll and click "Roll." If you want to roll multiple dice, just click all the dice you want to roll, then click "Roll." You can even add modifiers to your roll. d20 lets you build complex dice combinations with just a few clicks.

For example, '1d4 + 2d8 + 1d20 + 2'.

The results pane keeps track of all of your roll results. It prominently shows the total of all the dice, plus (or minus) any modifiers. It also shows the result of each individual die, highlighting critical hits and misses. Results will be cleared when you close the app.

Resize the window

d20’s smart layout feature lets you resize the window to fit your workflow and style of play.

d20 in portrait layout

Keyboard shortcuts for rogue-like speed

Mouse-averse? d20’s keyboard shortcuts let you roll even faster.

Shorcuts listed below image.


Add a d4
Add a d6
Add a d8
Add a d10
Add a d12
Add a d20
Add any number, one through six, to the modifier
Shift + [1-6]
Subtract any number, one through six, from the modifier
Clear the current roll
Roll the dice
Option + Delete
Clear all roll results

Always on top (optional)

Set d20’s “Always on top” option to keep it floating over all other windows.

Showing d20 floating over a Safari window that has a dungeon map open.


Every adventurer needs a helping hand eventually. If you need any help, shoot me an email at d20@blakewatson.com.

Try it out

This project began life as a web app. As a thanks to all the great free tools, code, and help I’ve received through the years, I’m keeping the web version available, free, forever (well, as long as I can afford to keep the servers running!). Give the web version a try and, if you love it, consider supporting development by getting the app.